No job too small, or too big


GIB stopping

GIB stopping is a crucial step of the plasterboard installation where interior plastering or the concealing of joins and screws takes place. GIB stopping has to be done by professionals like Garden City Painters to ensure that you receive the long-lasting, high-quality finish. Whether you are fully renovating your home or just fixing a room, we take extra care to protect your floors and furniture and keep our workspace clean and tidy throughout the project.

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Skimming is a very challenging process, and our experienced Garden City Painters offer to bring a smooth and seamless surface that is ready to paint. We understand the importance of having a thin coat of skimming is essential for a high-quality finish. The wall skimming process is very time consuming and requires multiple visits. Garden City Painters promise not to intrude upon your living space and complete the job on time to a high industry standard.

FibaFuse Skimming

Garden City Painters introduce a new, revolutionary paperless drywall tape – FibaFuse. Why do we recommend FibaFuse? Because it is easy to use, mould resistant, and it is stronger than traditional paper tape. FibaFuse skimming delivers a smooth finish without a complete tear-down on existing walls, fuses with joint compound to create a stronger bond and reduce the potential for cracks or loose tape. Enquire our Garden City Painters for more benefits that FibaFuse Skimming can bring.


Earthquake Repairs

The 2011 earthquake has severely damaged many properties in Christchurch, yet some damages are beneath the surface, and property owners don’t find these problems until now. It is not too late to repair those earthquake damages! Following the 2011 earthquake, we have been focusing our work in helping those affected by this devastating disaster. We offer repair services to on-sold over cap property owners and existing owners of earthquake-damaged properties in Christchurch.

Fixing holes and cracks

Cracks and holes in walls are common in houses. While some small ones may not be worrying at first, but as the holes get larger and you don’t fix them on time, they can cause severe damages to your house structure and foundation. The natural movement of soil beneath your house can cause holes in the windows, doorways, and the corners of your home over time. We repair the cracks and holes in your walls and ceilings before they start to cause more damage and become costly to fix.