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Repairs to plasterboard walls and ceilings

Are you DIY-inclined and looking for a way to fix minor damage to your plasterboard walls? If so, keep reading. This blog post will show you how to patch up small holes and cracks in your plasterboard walls with minimal tools and materials. So whether your walls are just scratched, or you've got a bigger hole that needs filling, read on for some simple tips that will have your walls looking good as new in no time!

Different sorts of repairs require distinct materials, and GIB has several options for you to choose from.


Ready-to-use compounds are ideal for minor repairs like scratches, dents, and cracks. They can be sanded smooth after drying with a broad knife or similar instrument, ready to paint or decorate.

Small-scale repairs often require only one or two coats of filler; however, larger or deeper scratches (such as 2mm to 10mm, but not all holes) may necessitate many applications.

As always, when applying a second layer, make sure it's dry.

The GIB Plus 4 or the GIB RediFilla 4-litre pail of ready-to-use repair compounds, respectively, may be used to produce a high-quality finish quickly.

A setting compound, such as GIB TradeFilla 10, is necessary for holes or damage larger than 10mm wide.

Compounds harden when a chemical reaction transforms plaster to gypsum, and setting occurs after mixing with water and a specified working time, roughly 10 minutes for GIB TradeFilla.

GIB TradeFilla is excellent for minor repair since it does not shrink once it has hardened and may be scraped back smooth if a second coat is required. Once dry, it can be sanded smooth for painting or decorating.

GIB TradeFilla can be used to repair holes as large as 20mm in diameter (compared to most other setting compounds). A back block is required for bigger holes.

A higher skill level is required when fast-setting compounds are utilised than ready-mixed compounds.

Flexible fillers fill gaps between plasterboard and other materials such as timber skirting or architraves.

Want a professional finish?

Garden City Painters have the experience and knowledge to know how much pressure to apply when filling a hole so you get a perfect finish.

Garden City Painters also uses suitable materials for the job, including high-quality joint compounds, which can make all the difference in the final results.

Plus, Garden City Painters offers a warranty on all of their work, so you can rest assured knowing that your home is in good hands.

So if you're looking for a professional skim coat, Garden City Painters is the way to go.

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