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Roof Painting in Christchurch: The Process

Roof painting in Christchurch is a job that requires high skill and some training. Roofers are often needed to work on the roof, which can be dangerous if they don't have the proper safety gear. Roof painters need to know the correct coating that will last years in the harsh South Island climate. A Christchurch roof painter will know how to get rid of rust stains and how best to repair them. There are many steps involved in roof painting that may not be obvious at first glance, but we'll take you through them all one by one!

Roof painting professionals know that roof paint lasts longer when appropriately applied, but they also understand how vital preparation can be for a beautiful finished look!

How do you know when your roof needs painting?

Roof painting can protect your roof from weather damage, but only when the paint is in good condition. Roof painting in Christchurch could save money on repairs if you catch any problems before they get worse.

Benefits of roof painting

The benefits of painting your roof are that it will protect your home from weather damage and add value to the property and add years to the life of your roof. It is a wise investment for homeowners who want their roofs to last as long as possible to attain the service of a quality house painting professional.

Access to your roof

Before a painter can provide a free quote, they will need to assess the access to your roof. Roof painting can be very dangerous if the painter doesn't have enough safety equipment or cannot reach the edge of your roof safely.

Affordable roof painting

Safety requirements are one of the main concerns when a professional assess your property for access.

One way that roof painters can make your project more affordable is if they are rope and harness specialists. A roof restoration expert with rope and harness expertise can dramatically reduce costs as they do not need to engage the services of a scaffolding company.

Residential and commercial customers

While Garden City Painters can service both residential and commercial customers, there are some minor differences in the painting services.

Types of roofs

Residential customer's roofs are generally concrete tile roofs. Concrete tiles and even concrete roofs are easy surfaces to work with as several roof coatings are available for use.

Other popular materials found on the roofs of a residential house in the South Island are corrugated iron or colour steel. Iron roofs are a popular choice for a house due to the range of colors they can provide when installing a new roof, but they can fade over time.


Once access is determined and the appropriate coating selected, prep work is critical for painting services professionals to deliver quality workmanship.

Water Blasting

Water blasting is one of the essential phases of prep work, as water blasting will remove any moss and mould. As your roof restoration professional begins this process of water blasting moss from the roof, you should be wary of any household items (such as clothes washing) that could be affected by the water blasting from the roof.

Roof painter Christchurch

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